What is the highest paying investment in Nigeria? (2024)

What is the highest paying investment in Nigeria?

Nigeria's real estate and construction industries are thriving as the country's population grows. Housing, commercial properties, and infrastructure development remain in strong demand, creating various opportunities for real estate developers, investors, and construction firms.

What business is in high demand in Nigeria?

Nigeria's real estate and construction industries are thriving as the country's population grows. Housing, commercial properties, and infrastructure development remain in strong demand, creating various opportunities for real estate developers, investors, and construction firms.

What is the best business to start in Nigeria?

55+ Profitable Business Ideas In Nigeria Or Africa
  • Agricultural Export Business. ...
  • Poultry Farming. ...
  • Fish Farming. ...
  • Snail Farming. ...
  • Rice Farming and Processing. ...
  • Organic Farming. ...
  • Processed Food Production. ...
  • Solar Energy Installation.
Dec 4, 2023

What do Nigerians invest in?

The research includes learning about the investment options available in the Nigerian market. Some popular investment vehicles include Treasury Bills, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, and Equities (stocks) among others. These investments have varying risk-return profiles.

What business can I do with 5 million Naira in Nigeria?

Restaurant/eatery: a restaurant is a great way to go when it comes to business. With 5 million naira, you can set up a middle-class restaurant in a middle-class neighborhood. Do not wait until you have 5 million to start this business. It is one that you can venture into with 1 million naira.

What business can I start with 150k in Nigeria?

₦150,000 Can Get You Started with Affiliate Marketing Arbitrage. You might be wondering if ₦150,000 can get you started in this business and help you earn big. OH YES! Affiliate marketing is an online business that literally anyone can do from the comfort of their home and make a substantial amount of money.

What sells very fast in Nigeria?

Phone Accessories

This means that you may decide to sell phones and accessories together. Phone accessories are one of the fastest selling products in Nigeria today. This is partly because the cost of starting the business is low. With ₦20,000, you can start the phone accessories business and start making a profit.

What business to do with 50k in Nigeria?

The best businesses to start with 50k in Nigeria include a noodle shop, a soap production outfit, a perfume oil store, a thrift shop, a cook-on-demand business, a cleaning business, an online tutoring establishment, a crochet business and a POS business.

Which food business is most profitable in Nigeria?

50+ Lucrative Food Manufacturing Business Ideas in Nigeria Or...
  • 1). Biscuit Manufacturing Business:
  • 2). Ketchup Production Business:
  • 3). Fruit Juice Production Business:
  • 4). Meat Processing Business:
  • 5). Chocolate Manufacturing Business:
  • 6). Rice Flour Milling Business:
  • 7). Tomato Paste Production Business:
  • 8).
Sep 18, 2023

How to invest $500,000 in Nigeria?

The best businesses to start with 500k in Nigeria include:
  1. E-commerce.
  2. Event planning.
  3. Logistics and delivery services.
  4. Food business.
  5. Bookstore.
  6. Car wash.
  7. Small-scale grocery store.
  8. Thrift store.
Jul 7, 2023

Where can I invest my money and get monthly income in Nigeria?

In this article, we look briefly into some of the places to invest money in Nigeria:
  • Mutual Funds.
  • Plastic Recycling.
  • Individual Stocks.
  • Real Estate.
  • Treasury Bills.
  • Fixed Deposits.
  • Oil and Gas.
  • FGN Savings Bond.
Nov 16, 2022

What can I invest with 5000 Naira?

The stock market is a great place to accumulate wealth over a long period of time, and you can start buying stocks with just 5,000 Naira through a stockbroker or an online trading platform. Investing in agriculture production and sales can be a smart move that doesn't require too much effort or capital.

What business can start with 500k in Nigeria?

Some of the best profitable businesses to start with 500k in Nigeria are a POS business, a Used books business, a Car Wash business, a small logistics business, a beauty and barbing salon as well as an online store.

What is the cheapest most profitable business to start?

Here is our list of the most profitable businesses with low startup costs:
  • Information Services. ...
  • Social Media Management. ...
  • Dropshipping Business. ...
  • Event Management. ...
  • Cleaning Services. ...
  • Errand/Concierge Service. ...
  • Accounting Services. Average Net Margin: 22.01% ...
  • In-Home Caregiving Service. Average Net Margin: 23%
Jun 23, 2023

What is the fastest growing business in Nigeria?

Cryptocurrency and fintech businesses are among Nigeria's most lucrative and fast-growing businesses. With more people adapting to digital payment systems, there is an ever-increasing demand for these services.

What business can start with 1 million Naira in Nigeria?

Agriculture: Agriculture is a lucrative business in Nigeria, and with 1 million naira, you can start a small-scale farm or livestock business. This can include poultry farming, fish farming, or vegetable farming.

What business can I start with 300K in Nigeria?

If you already have a job but are searching for a side hustle to start with 300K in Nigeria, livestock farming is a simple one to get started with. Poultry farming is the most profitable of them since you may start it for N300,000 and benefit handsomely from the sale of birds and eggs.

What business can a lady start with 200K in Nigeria?

With 200K, you can invest in baking equipment, ingredients, and packaging materials. Baked goods like bread, cakes, and pastries are in high demand in Nigeria. By offering quality products and targeting local customers, you can establish a successful bakery business and generate a steady income.

What business can I start with 2.5 million in Nigeria?

With 2.5 million Naira, you can set up a website, purchase inventory, and invest in online advertising to reach potential customers. Agriculture: You can start a small-scale farming business, such as poultry farming, fish farming, or vegetable farming.

How much do I need to start a business in Nigeria?

The minimum capital requirements for company incorporation in Nigeria are about NGN 27500.

What do Nigerians buy most?

Nigerians love buying new shoes, clothes, bags, jewelry, and other personal effects during this period. All year, many Nigerians have worked hard and saved a lot for the end-of-year period. So, there is no better way to show yourself self-love than by getting the clothes, apparel, and shoes you've always wanted.

What products do Nigerians buy most?

Among Nigerian consumers the two most popular categories for online purchases are Clothing and Shoes. 51 percent and 45 percent of consumers respectively chose these answers in our representative online survey. The survey was conducted online among 1,049 respondents in Nigeria, in 2023.

What is Nigeria's most profitable export?

The Major Exports in Nigeria
  • Crude oil: Crude oil is Nigeria's primary export, and it accounts for over 90% of the country's total export revenue. ...
  • Natural gas: ...
  • Agricultural products: ...
  • Solid minerals: ...
  • Petroleum products:

What is the fastest growing company in Nigeria?

Further findings showed AFEX Commodities, founded in 2014, topped the list, posting a 22,076 percent increase in revenue from N185. 7 million in 2018 to N41. 1 billion in 2021. Monipoint, a digital banking platform for businesses, was ranked second; the firm's revenue grew by 7,372 percent from N837,850 to N62.

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